Project Management and Architectural Work

EST68Putting your home in our hands means you can relax, as we project manage the work and attend to any architectural work on your behalf.

We will assess every inch of the room you want to transform before precisely planning the location of every major structural feature. By arranging Taylor furniture to make the best use of space, our team will plan the layout of your living space in detail.

In order to ensure that everyone involved in your project is aware of the common goal, we can produce 3D drawings, which will provide you with a first glimpse of your new home. This will also allow you to make any last-minute changes before we start the serious business of transforming your place.

And dealing with Dasha means you won’t have to worry about communicating with any other designers, architects and construction workers. We source trustworthy and qualified experts, so you don’t have to.We want your home to be exactly how you envisioned it – to achieve that goal, we will embark on a design consultation with you.