ERK1Anyone can buy or rent a house, but transforming it into a welcoming and relaxing home takes some care, attention and the help of expert interior designers. At Dasha, we understand that the needs of families can change over the years. We also understand that personal tastes and preferences change over time. That is why we never take a one-size-fits-all approach to interior and exterior design. We get to know you, which allow us to tailor our approach for you specifically.

While the car we drive or the clothes we wear can say something about us as people, nothing is a truer reflection of our personalities than our home. From the couch we sit on to the bed we sleep in, the items we fill our homes with are a real reflection of who we are as individuals. Whether it’s with the careful placement of stunning French furniture, Italian furniture or a Murano vase, our vast experience allows us to create rooms that capture the essence of the person.

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