Quality and Customized Work

We never accept anything less than absolute perfection. Whether it’s our approach to interior design or the quality products we source, only the very best is good enough at Dasha.

The exquisite items we use to transform living spaces include exceptional parchment, gold, diamonds and semi-precious stones. And because so many of our products are handmade, you can be sure that putting your home in our hands will result in a unique space. We deal with companies that have worldwide reputations for excellence – some of which are more than 700 years old.

We can completely customize your space by producing furniture of your wished measurements and by matching the colors of your curtains to the color of your furniture or your bed linen, or even giving a special touch by using Swarovski stones.

In order to deliver your dream living and working spaces, we provide a complete service. Whether the job requires a carpenter to create a bespoke coffee table or an expert furniture restorer to breathe new life into an antique console, we arrange everything. All you need to do is watch as we bring your dreams of a stunning home or office into reality.